• Genre: 2.5D Action-plateformer
  • Context: School project
  • Made with: Unity
  • Team: 8 students
  • Production time: 9 month (part-time)
  • Job: Game & Level design
  • Status: Completed.
  • Note: Nominated at unity Awards 2016

In Short

Trubadurr is a 2.5D Action/plateformer for PC. It was created as a graduation project at Isart Digital by 8 students. (Full Credits)

Bored of telling the stories of heroes, a bard heads on an old dungeon to proove his worth and have the glory all for himself. But the castle is inhabited by small creatures. Not really dangerous, they cling on to you and slow you down. On the bright side, you can now use them as projectile, protection or additional weight when needed.

The game also features a gameplay-twist at the end.

In 2015, Trubadurr won "Isart Best Game", "Game Critics award" and was nominated at the "Unity Awards" and the "Ping Awards".

A title screen that feels good

Some Gameplay

My Work

Trubadurr's production was chaos.

The game is so far from the inital pitch, you couldn't connect the two.

Louis Cabrera and I worked in pair to produce mechanics and level design elements in quick iterations. We brainstormed, he coded what we'de agree on while i was doing some level design.

Beside the redaction of game design document, my day to day job was mostly Level design on Maya, tweaking the character's mouvements in Unity and linking plateforms to others for pathfinding purposes..

I also was heavily involved in the production of Milestones documents.