• Genre: Turn-based arena fighting
  • Context: Personnal project
  • Made with: Construct 2
  • Team: Myself
  • Production time: 1 week
  • Job: Everything
  • Status: Unfinished
  • Note: Board game adaptation


IN short

Sumotori is a Turn-based arena fighting prototype for Touch devices.

WHITE and BLACK both have a 10 faced-die. They roll it at the same time.

The highest number wins. If it is even, the player moves. If it is odd, the player pushes.

Roll a Nine and you'll do both. Roll a 0 and you'll pass your turn.

If it's a draw, tap on your side off the screen quickly to outpace your opponent !

Push your opponent outside off the arena and become the greatest Sumotori !

IT'S A CRITICAL ! The player can move AND Push !

A "powerduel" AND an "Out of reach" in the same turn. That's anti-climatic.

My work

This prototype was initially an improvised Arena fight in a pen & paper RPG I was running.

It was fun so I tried to adapt it. But despite of all the screeshake, flashes and text animations, nothing was as thrilling as throwing a real dice.

I tried various level design ideas to compensate, like Circular saws roaming the arena, Teleporters, holes and obstacles but the paper version was just better.

Maybe throwing a virtual 3D dice would do the trick but I simply don't have the ressources to try it.