• Genre: Management Board game
  • Context: School project
  • Made with: Pen & Paper
  • Team: 10 students
  • Production time: 6 months
  • Job: Game design and prototyping
  • Status: Completed
  • Note: Isart 2013 Best Game Art

In short

Sands is a ressource-management and racing board game in wich you'll try to reach a mysterious library burried in the desert before the other players.

However, you'll have to overcome an hostile environnement where Thirst, scorpions and sandstorms are more likely to kill you than your opponents.

And who knows how vast the desert really is....

This board game was designed during my first year at Isart Digital with Game Designers Guénolé Ludivine Brillaud, Clément Tatchi and Calvin Charbit.

The game won "Isart Best Board game art 2013" thanks to our team of wonderful artists !

The vastness of the desert is your only horizon.

My Work

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