Run for their lives



  • Genre: 3D plateformer
  • Context: School Project
  • Made with: Unity
  • Team: 10 students
  • Production time: 6 months (Part-time)
  • Job: Game design
  • Status: Completed
  • Note: Isart's Jury's Favorite 2014

In short

Run for their lives is Third-person 3D platformer made during my 2nd year at Isart.

The game requires a controler to be played.

You play as bombs of the game "Bomb Jack" that were not destroyed but thrown out of the screen into the room of a child.

You'll need to guide them through a maze of toys, exploding to reveal new paths. Be careful ! Do not destroy the innocent action figures !

The design team was composed of Calvin Charbit, Clement Dubarry, Noah Young and I.

Run for their lives won "Isart Jury's Favorite award" and was nominated at Ping Awards

Title screen. Fun Fact, the french title is the superlong "The bomb who didn't want to explode"

When exploding, the camera pulls back to let you see the damage you're doing.

My Work

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