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About Me

I'm a 26 year old game designer born in a small fortified town in France.

In my past, i've written stories, recorded audio drama, shot movies in an attempt to convey emotions to others.

I really got into video games whe the indie revolution came. I realised it was the perfect medium to convey meanings and values. It's not a monologue, it's a dialogue and it changes everything.

Since then, I try to make games people will remember.



Pen & Paper RPG

Creative Writing


Work experience

Game designer

     Indie ¤ July 2015 - Today

I released Tiny Clusters in february 2018. The game won 2 FLIP awards and was nominated at Bicfest 2017.

Level Designer

     Unlimited Pix ¤  August 2016 - December 2016

Making Levels for the puzzle-game TWAIG with unity. In charge of retention. Occasional Game Design tasks.

Game design workshop Superviser

    Telligo ¤ July 2016

Taught kids Programming and Game Design during a 2 weeks Summer camp. About 4-5 hours workshop everydays.

Game Designer - Associate

     Damasius Playwyn ¤ July 2013 - July 2016

During my 2nd and 3rd years at Isart, I joigned Damasius, a multimedia startup, and created Playwyn with four friends. We made a lot of small games,mostly prototypes. My missions were mainly Game design and programming.

Press Relations - Intern

     Mi-clos studio ¤ July 2012 - Sept 2012

My internship was mostly about listing all the websites that could talk about Out There. i wrote and sent mails to editors. I've also been promoting the game during Gamescom and Eurogamer Expo.


     TV editor (Canal 32) - Youth Leader (Community center of Langres, Telligo) - Versatile Crew (Mac Donalds)


Game designer (Bac+4)

     Isart digital - Paris ¤ Sept 2012 - July 2015

A theorical and practical curriculum alterned with internships in the industry. Taught skills include: Game and Level design, GDD redaction, Game concept, Client presentation, Basic programming, Writing, Balancing, Playtest organization and playtest analysis.


     St Jean Baptiste - Reims ¤ Sept 2010 - July 2012

A technical curriculum destined to make TV control room technicians. Strong Focus on Electronics. Notions of Video direction and editing, Framing, History of arts, picture edition and SFX.


     Lycée Diderot - Langres ¤ Sept 2007 - July 2010