• Genre: 2D maze-game
  • Context: Ludum Dare 31
  • Made with: Construct 2
  • Team: Gaylor Morestin & myself
  • Production time: 48h-ish
  • Job: Game design and programming
  • Status: Completed
  • Note: #33 in audio, #49 in mood

In short

Lone was created by Gaylor Morestin and myself during Ludum Dare #31, for which the theme was "The whole game in one screen"

In lone, the player moves through a maze filled with green circles, searching for love.

The saying goes "You don't see what's under your nose". The player can therefore see his potential soulmate only from a distance. If the player gets too close, she becomes a green dot again, but her heart still secretly beats.

Follows a game of cat and mouse, with a layer of Memory, to find the one who shares the player's feelings

First part of the game: Finding your soulmate through an unwelcoming crowd.

My Work

Lone was designed as a Game metaphore.




Second part of the game: Take care of your loved one and kindle the flame.