• Genre: TF2 King of the Hill map
  • Context: Hobby
  • Made with: Hammer
  • Team: Myself
  • Production time: About a month
  • Job: Level Design
  • Status: Beta
  • Note: Will not be textured.

In short

Koth_guttersplit is a King_of_the_Hill type map for Team Fortress 2.

It was a self-imposed exercice to practice 3D Action - Multiplayer level design, a genre i have not a lot of experience with.

It was made with the help of Crash's Guide to Hammer and the TF2Maps community

The main feature of the map is a gutter that split the area of play into, effectivly acting like a border between the two teams.

At the center is a raised capture point which can be accessed from side ramps. The ramps are covered by ennemy sniper-nest

Flank routes can be used to avoid such sightlines and take the ennemies by surprise.

koth_guttersplit_A2 Overview

My Work

I got throught 3 full iterations of the map (4 if you include the Paper Version).

My main mistake was to think that the players would build a strategy together rather than go each their own way.

The main changes includes a "Safe room" on the side of the ramp, to act like a close retreat spot after a fail attempt at pushing the point, or to Build Uber.

I also added a way to go from Sniper-nests to the top of the point, so :

  • Snipers could more easily be chassed from their nest
  • The nest was more useful to other class, acting like a third path to the point.