Isra's Path



  • Genre: Puzzle Game
  • Context: Jam
  • Made with: Unity
  • Team: Dorianne Techkovitch, Chloe Rochelier, Emmanuel Charon, Gregor Alecian
  • Production time: 48h
  • Job: Level Design, Consulting GD
  • Status: Released
  • Note: Maybe a prequel ?

In short

Isra's path is a story-driven puzzle game set in a medieval-fantasy.

It was created during a jam, under the impulsion of Emmanuel Charron.

The game is Emmanuel's attempt to turn his Maze system, developed for Mazinity, into a support for a story.

The player control the eponymous Isra running away from the King's Guard and trying to save the sign-reader's legacy.

Thanks to runic stones, Isra is able to twist and turn the terrain to her advantage and outsmart her opponents !

The game features 6 levels and was designed to be played computer and smarphones.

A maze of Trees

Bonus Levels & Debug Menu

My Work

Since Emmanuel's idea was already fleshed out, my main task was to make levels.

The main constraint was the size of the maze, wich i figured would not really allow for multiple "clean" ways to solve the puzzle. It was either totally opened or totally directed.

The hardest part was to make the player make the connections. In the beginning, most players just mindlesly rotated pieces.

Part of the solution was to combine pieces together so the player had to purposfully project himself (Or test the 4x4 possibilites, has opposed to 4 with a single piece)

I still think more feedbacks would greatly help the player to understand the multiple possibilites offered to him at a T time.