Hunt the invisible



  • Genre: 2 player maze-game
  • Context: Jam
  • Made with: Construct 2
  • Team: Myself
  • Production time: 1 hour
  • Job: Everything
  • Status: Completed
  • Note: Made for the 0h Game jam 2015

In short

Hunt the invisible is a 2 player game of Cat and mouse with a twist. It was made for the 0h Game jam 2015. (Thanks Daylight savings)

Player One is the Hunter. His goal is to capture the invisible. He leaves behind a trail that fades overtime. He cannot move through those squares.

Player Two is the invisible. His goal is to reach the green zone. He appears on screen every 5 secondes and creates particules when he bumps a wall. He can also stay hidden but can't move in that state.

The music is a pre-existing creation of myself, made using Beepbox.

The (quickly thrown together) main menu.

My work

There was no real design process here.

The philosophy was more "Quick, let's make a bunch of stuff really really fast and hope it works."

However, i made the conscious decision to make a two player game. It meant that i didn't have to bother creating a lot of features or a lot of level. Most of the fun would come though the players interactions out of the game.

My only worry (aside from time, of course) was balancing the game.

The Invisible pretty much stayed the same through out the whole project. However, i tweaked a lot the Hunter who's still too powerful to this day. I tried limiting his speed but it was too frustrating.

Retrospectivly, I should have slowed down the scrolling to help the Invisible a little bit more.