Fear of failure



  • Genre: 2D plateformer
  • Context: Personnal project
  • Made with: Construct 2
  • Team: Myself
  • Production time: 1 day
  • Job: Everything but music
  • Status: Completed
  • Note: Made to face my fear of failure

In short

Fear of Failure is a 2D plateformer made in a day to face my fear of failure.

It features a little story and some motivational texts full off typos like :

  • "Failure is not the end. It's just the beginning"
  • "Failure is the most difficult part of success"

The assets are mostly taken from Cubic Peter. Some of it will inspire the space theme of Tiny Clusters.

The music was made by Corentin Brasard

You've fell in that hole before. Will you succeed this time ?

Awww. You fell again. That's okay.

My work

The premise of this game was the simple fact that trying something would make you better at it. I chose to show this by making it a scripted event rather than a gameplay mechanic. That way, I hoped to create a sense of inevitability. (Which, retrospectivly, worked against the theme).

The level is divided into multiple screens, so transitioning from one to another creates a little tension. It also made the text more impactful as it appeared instantly instead of slowly scrolling in your screen.

There's another character in the game. This orange cube jumps higher and succed where the player fails. It adds a rivalry and a bit of mystery. (Who is this person ? How is he so good ?)

Ultimatly, in the last screen, the orange cube fails to jump a gap to reassure the player: Everybody fails !