Cubic peter



  • Genre: 2D Puzzle (?)
  • Context: Jam
  • Made with: Construct 2
  • Team: Myself
  • Production time: 1 month
  • Job: Everything but music
  • Status: Completed
  • Note: My first finished game

In short

Cubic Peter was made during the Humble Game jam.

It was the first jam i ever made and the first game i ever released to the public.

The game tries to be a critic of office-life, something that seemed like hell to me.

Each level  introduce a new Level Design Element / Mechanic that serves as a (poor) metaphores of office-related things.

This game is really wonky but i still old it dear to my heart.

Cubic Peter tries to be a critic of the freedom-killng office-life

The character is named after a friend, to whom i made a pledge.

My Work

The initial concept of Cubic Peter was to prototype something were the controls were not direct.

Initially, the "movement bar" at the bottom left featured Three directions. So rather than associate a state of input to an action (Pressed : Left, Released = Down), I wanted the player to associate a change of input state to a change of direction ( Press or release = select the next movement )

Althought i could play the game fine, friends told me that it was a real conundrum to them (wich i was fine with) and that it resulted to a lot of frustration and lack of fun.

I then decided to go for a more Story-focused approche and move to a simple two-action "bar".