Color cat



  • Genre: Juggling
  • Context: Damasius
  • Made with: Construct 2
  • Team: Ludivine Brillaud and Myself
  • Production time: 2 months
  • Job: Game design and programming
  • Status: Unfinished
  • Note: Balancing difficulties

In Short

Color Cat is Mobile game of Juggling made with construct 2 with the help of Guénolé Ludivine Brillaud.

Yarn balls are falling from the top of the screen. To send them back up, the player has to tap them when they enter the bottom zone. Fail to do so, and you'll loose a life. Run out of life and it's Game over.

However, at any point during the game, the player can end a session, saving his current score and reseting his combo count.. The game then starts again, with a smaller bottom zone and an harsher difficulty.

This is the most advanced game prototype I realised at Damasius Playwyn, before starting


My work

  • Programmed everything with Construct 2
  • Designed ten different types of balls, each with there special behaviors, feedbacks, score and combo value.

The devellopement of Color Cat was stopped because we could not find a good difficulty curve.

Retrospectively, we were very close to finishing this game. I'd like to work on it again, some day.

A colorful title screen by Ludivine Brillaud.