About Growing



  • Genre: 2D Puzzle-plateformer
  • Context: Jam
  • Made with: Construct 2
  • Team: Four friends and Myself
  • Production time: 48h-ish
  • Job: Game design & Programming
  • Status: Completed
  • Note: My first finished game with a team

In short

About Growing is a 2D puzzle-plateformer made with four friends for the Geekopolis Game Jam #1.

It's both my first game made in a jam and my first completed game with a team.

Each level contains bubbles of imagination that you can access by using color-coded rifts. A bubble disappears if the player is out of it when the last of its rift closes. Close all bubbles to finish the level.

About growing's storyline talks about the state of Imagination through childhood.

Art by Guénolé Ludivine Brillaud. Music By Gaylor Morestin. Game design by Dhia Kechana, Clément Tatchi, Matthias Shanchez and myself. Clement Tatchi was aslo in charge of Level Design.

The first level.

My work

My main task was programming but I also advised on Game design and narration.